Zombie Catchers Hack

Zombie Catchers Hack – Use A Resource Generator To GEt Unlimited Plutonium And Coins

Another popular mobile game from Two Men and a Dog (and was later bought by DECA Games), Zombie catchers revolves around the inseparable pair, A.J. and Bud. The two are trying to open up a food-related business where they serve products created from zombies that they caught. A pretty unique premise, right? The pair keeps releasing questionable food items for public consumption like “Yellow Snow Drip Tea,” but somehow, they always end up becoming huge hits.

Gameplay Elements

The game revolves around catching zombies (as the name the suggests.) Zombies in this game come in a variety of shapes and sizes, almost seemingly different species. Because of the sheer number of zombie types, it’ll take a long time before you get bored with the game. The game is divided into five areas, each with their own unique zombie sets. The zombies also have different sizes (small, medium, and large). There is always a specific order that they’re unlocked, so you can prepare accordingly. Zombies can be used to cook different food items through “squeezers.” and each squeezer can be improved to increase the value of it’s succeeding batches.

Be wary of the boss-type zombies lurking in every area, and defeating these will start a whole batch of food production in its own without having any other ingredients. You have to advance up to two levels after unlocking the large zombies in a specific area. Only then will you have the option of trying to beat the area’s boss. Lure the boss by hunting perfectly five times in the area. This will bring him out of hiding. Every boss has a special mechanic that makes them harder to beat than their normal counterparts. If you try out our useful Zombie Catchers Hack Online, you can defeat every boss with ease.

Zombie Catcher Online Hack Coins Generators 2019

Numerous websites will claim that they have a working Zombie Catchers hacks but so far, only our site can provide a working cheat that’s 100% effective and safe. It will instantly transfer the resources you need directly to your game. We have even tested for ourselves, the zombie catchers hacks of different websites, and not even one could give us any resources for the game. We assure all our readers of the efficiency of our up-to-date Zombie Catchers Hack Apk. It works on every mobile device, both iOS, and Android. Please leave a comment down below if our hack worked for you so other players can see that it truly works.

Essential Tricks And Tips

Press on the game’s Play button in order to start. You begin on the very first stage where you see a little alien jump from a tramway, and now you are tasked with hunting many zombies. You start the game with basic equipment like the Net gun and the Model one, both necessary for catching zombies alive. You get to improve your equipment as you progress through the game.

Throw one of your brains then hide behind something, because zombies are a bit shy, you can lure them out by enticing them with a couple of brains. Afterward, hide behind something so the zombie won’t be alerted to your presence. Otherwise, they will run away from you instead or not come out of their hiding place.

Stand far away if there are no available hiding spots, get ready to chase them. Stand from a distance after throwing one of your brains, wait for a zombie to come out, then IMMEDIATELY chase after them.

Use your secondary weapons only on large zombie groups and armored zombies. These secondary weapons only have so much use in them, and they all require a bit of time for charging. Save them only in dire or tough situations. For example, net guns are great for zombie groups and armored zombies.

Remove any wildlife before setting up your bait. There will be a few stages with living obstacles in them, such as bats or snakes. Running into them will stun you for a while, giving a chance for zombies to escape. Clear your area first using a spear gun, and you even get some extra coins from this. Now, there won’t be any chances of anything hindering you from catching a zombie.

Other important tricks

Improve the spear-gun’s shooting distance, which is far more useful that improving the power. Charge up the spear-gun before shooting armored zombies to pierce through their armor. Distance still takes precedence, though. By combining your expertise with the aid of our Zombie Catchers Hack Android, getting the zombies you want is a far easier process and speed up your hunting time. Improve zombie squeezers to increase your batch size

Get the most out of your zombies by improving the efficiency of your zombie squeezers. This way, you earn much more profit from the same amount of zombies. Improve secondary weapons using your plutonium.

zombie catchers hack

If you meet the capture quotas for your zombies, you are rewarded with plutonium. This currency is best put two use through improving secondary weapons. Nets are always a favorite. Have unlimited amounts of plutonium using our top-notch Zombie Catchers Hack Tool. Remember which screen side you’re chasing your zombies. Doing this will help you close the distance and stop zombies from escaping.

Be extra careful of zombies equipped with weapons. It turns out that zombies can arm themselves as well. These zombies are aggressive and will attempt to hit you. If their hit lands on you, you’re going to get stunned. Be aware of any armed zombies in the area in order to dodge their attacks.


If you’ve read all of our Zombie Catchers Cheats, then you’re ready to do some expert zombie hunting yourself. As you become accustomed to the game mechanics, you’ll get better and better at hunting. But be careful because the zombies get tougher as well. Focus on your defensive techniques to ensure your survival whenever you find yourself in a tough spot.

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