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Zombie Tsunami Hack – Get Unlimited Gems And Coins Through Our Cheat Generator

This fantastic mobile party game faces off three to six players against each other in a short span of 30 minutes. The goal in Zombie Tsunami is to lead your host of zombies to storm a nearby city. The player having the most zombies by the end of the last round wins the whole match. Be cautious of humans, because they are your enemy, wanting nothing but to destroy every one of your zombie hordes. This is where our effective Zombie Tsunami Hack comes in handy. You have the option of collaborating and backstabbing your fellow players to raise your chances at winning. After all, it’s nothing personal, right? This action-packed side scroller from Mobigame is a complete masterpiece. It was made available for iOS users in 2012, and given another name after a conflict arose from its original title, “Zombie Carnival”

Gameplay Mechanics

You, as the player, are tasked with leading your zombie horde to victory. Along the way, you transform humans to become a part of your team. Your horde has the ability to jump and avoid any incoming obstacles such as vehicles, bombs, or holes. The controls are very easy to lean because it only features a one-touch system. As you progress through the different parts of the level, your horde can become separated in different paths. You have the option of collecting coins and other bonuses in order to complete some of the missions. After eating every hundredth brain, you win scratch cards that can provide you with some lovely gifts. You can have a pet included in your horde called a Zombird, and these pets serve to enhance your abilities. What’s great about these pets is that they are entirely immune to damage. You can hatch your very own Zombird egg by purchasing them at the market which costs 30 Zombie Tsunami diamonds.

Watch this video if you want to know more about the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmV-HlXeXP0 (All the basics are covered in this video to help new players out with the beginning stages.)

Try concentrating on the front of your horde to make a successful jump with little to no casualties. Save up the coins that you win for better items instead of habitually splurging at the market. Don’t buy any items unless you need them for the next mission. Try to focus on buying permanent items like skills and upgrades that indefinitely improve your chances of winning. If you’re in need of brains, you can use our Zombie Tsunami Cheats to help top you off! We suggest that you try purchasing the upgrade of allowing you to increase the number of zombies you have at the start of every round. This will let you flip over a lot of cars. Remember that flipping buses will net you 2 brains, while tanks will net you 3.

Get Unlimited Coins By Using The Zombie Tsunami Online Hack 2019

You can accumulate more coins by simply playing the game or accomplishing the missions. There are, however, easier and less time-consuming way to get coins apart from employing the use of Zombie Tsunami Online Hack that get you all the gems and coins you need into your game.

zombie tsunami hack

These ways are much easier to do, but it takes quite a while to get to the amount you want. You earn bonus coins every day you log into the game. There’s also a chance that you’re rewarded with diamonds as well! Remember to find as many mystery boxes as you can, because these have a chance of containing large amounts of currency or useful items that can improve your zombie’s performance. Connecting your social media and sharing our Zombie Tsunami Hacks with your friends is another great way to get you more coins.

You can connect your Facebook account by checking the coin men in your market. You can also get additional lottery tickets in exchange for brains to get a small chance of winning large amounts of currency. Sell your lottery tickets for 100 coins if you find yourself short on cash. You can also buy additional coins using real-world money.

Zombie Tsunami Tricks And Tips

Zombie Tsunami proves to be a fun game with an original concept. And that’s saying something considering the sheer amount of zombie games available in the mobile market. With more than three hundred missions to choose from, players are sure to be entertained for months on end. The gameplay offers a lot of variety, which helps it out a lot in terms of replay value. You start off controlling only one zombie, but as you progress through the game, you’ll soon have a battalion of brain-eaters under your command. Even if you’re using the Zombie Tsunami Hack Apk for android, there is still an adequate level of challenge that keeps players hooked.

Zombie Tsunami’s gameplay is pretty simple. Your zombie moves forward automatically as soon as you start a run. As you progress, you encounter people shouting for help. Eat them and add them to your growing horde. Eating one human will net you one brain, and they also turn into a zombie.

You can flip the vehicles that block your path, which will net you some brains depending on the type of vehicle. Moving vehicles, on the other hand, need to be avoided in Zombie Tsunami. You will be prompted with an exclamation mark, warning you of the oncoming vehicle so you can dodge it. Here’s a good tip- holding your screen will make your zombies jump higher.


This game is absolutely fantastic with or without a working Zombie Tsunami Hack Tool available for use. While the gameplay can get repetitive after a while, it manages to suck you back in after a few weeks of not playing. The numerous upgrades and customizations will have players plenty to do, and the number of missions really increases the game’s replay value.

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